Developer Release 10

Compass dev release 10 introduces the split compiler & runtime architecture:

  • the compass-build tool compiles a project (story text file and libraries) into a .compass file you can distribute
  • the compass-run tool loads .compass files to play them

At the moment, projects are defined using .json files and the standard library is really small (only defines basic directions). Both of these will change in the future. An example project is included in the downloads. Building is done from the command line (will change too!):

$compass-build project.json
Compass Compiler 0.1dr10 by Amy Alex Parent
compiling: libraries/standard.txt
compiling: example.txt
* declared: Harmony node
* declared: name tag
* declared: tool bag
* declared: spanner
* declared: Orange tape
* declared: Zvezda
* declared: Cupola
* declared: laptop
 * contain: zvezda<-laptop
 * contain: harmony node<-name tag
 * contain: tool bag<-orange tape
 * contain: tool bag<-spanner
 * contain: harmony node<-tool bag
~ drop, dropped, dropped
~ examine, examineed, examineed
~ go, went, gone
~ look, looked, looked
~ take, took, taken
~ walk, walked, walked

Files 495 kB
Version 0.1dr10 Feb 25, 2019 3 MB
Version 0.1dr10 Feb 25, 2019

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